Prinsipal Welcome Message

Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Ibrahim Kabsha

Principal of Imtiaz Academy

Welcome Message

All praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, who sent down the Al-Quran in Arabic, blessings and peace be upon the great leader of the Prophet Muhammad SAW

Al-Quran is a miracle that remains as guidance for all mankind in general. Word of Allah in Surah Ibrahim verse 1 :

Alif Lam Ra, a book that we sent down to bring people out of darkness to the light of guidance.

Indeed, reading the Qur’an is the best act of worship for a servant to draw closer to Allah. Allah’s words in Surah Fathir verse 29:

Indeed, those who read the Book of Allah and perform prayers, spend what we have provided for them, whether secretly or openly, they hope that their business will not be lost or destroyed.

The Prophet SAW encouraged his ummah to read the Qur’an, as he said: study the Qur’an, indeed the Qur’an will come in the Hereafter to intercede/help its readers. (Records of Imam Muslim).

Arabic is considered as a wasilah or a tool to understand the content of the Quran, as well as Islamic sciences with an authentic and clear understanding. Imam Syafie has said: It is obligatory on every Muslim to learn Arabic according to his ability.

Until the soul of a Muslim becomes clean, then he should understand the Al-Quran with perfect understanding and this should not happen except by learning the sciences of Sharia from its authentic sources. With this, a Muslim will be able to understand his religion and protect himself in the face of slander.

Therefore, Imtiaz Academy was established to realize the study of Al-Quran and Arabic with a solid understanding and to make students proficient with Al-Quran, master the knowledge of Arabic from the point of view of understanding, listening, reading and writing so that Al-Quran can be understood with as a whole, the knowledge of Sharia should be learned from authentic sources so that it can be realized in life and do good with it.

With this aim, Imtiaz Academy was established for the study of Al-Quran, Arabic and Islamic sciences.

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