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the privilege of studying at Imtiaz Academy

1. Being able to learn Al-Quran with a sanad ijazah that reached the Prophet SAW via online studies.
2. Know the method of tajwid.
3. Attention to the recitation of the Quran.
4. Knowing the sciences of Islamic Sharia.
5. Be able to know the Arabic language from beginning to master.
6. Being able to study at any time, wherever you are, according to your convenience by using modern and up-to-date techniques such as:

  • Learn directly by looking at the lecturer and being able to ask questions from him.
  • Voice recording.
  • The latest books.
  • Daily actions when using telecommunications tools regularly.

7. Registration is open to all students whether in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei or Thailand.
8. Learning is also open to all ages.

how to register at imtiaz academy?

1. Students join Imtiaz’s column.
2. Students choose a learning program that suits them.
3. Students fill out the registration form and submit it only in Imtiaz’s electronic section.
4. Students provide a fee of RM50.00 only.
5. Imtiaz’s management will contact students via phone, whatsapp and email. Whether students from Malaysia or from abroad.

how to start learning at imtiaz academy?

1. After registering in the Imtiaz section, a special teacher will be appointed for the students.
2. Determine the learning schedule on the day and time in Imtiaz’s room.
3. Students will communicate via email or message secretly.
4. Training the student perfectly according to the Special Program allows him to write and speak and can see the teacher.
5. Determine the learning time in an orderly (dynamic) manner under the supervision of a committee of teachers.
6. Students can learn through different learning channels:

  • Learn directly with the teachers
  • Learn through telegram
  • Learn through zoom (live)
  • Videos will be sent to students to explain each lesson
  • Voice recording of each lesson
  • A PDF textbook will be provided to each student

method of memorizing the Qur'an
at Imtiaz Academy


In order to successfully master this al Quran memorization technique, students must follow the following guidelines:

في البداية سوف يقرأ المعلم المقطع الذي سيحفظه أمام الطالب، والطالب يستمع، ويردد القراءة خلف أستاذه

At the beginning the teacher will read the part of the sentence that will be memorized to the students and the students will listen and repeat the reading after the teacher’s reading.

يعيد المعلم قراءة المقطع مرتين، والطالب يستمع ويردد

The teacher repeats the part of the sentence to be memorized twice, and the students listen and repeat the reading.

يتأكد المعلم أن الطالب ينطق الكلمات بشكل صحيح، ويتأكد من ضبط الطالب لمخارج الحروف وصفاتها

The teacher will make sure the students pronounce the words (from the verses of the Quran) in the correct way and make sure the students can recognize the makhraj (place of exit) of the letters and their properties.

يعيد الطالب قراءة المقطع، والمعلم يستمع له، ويصحح الأخطاء للطالب

Students repeat the reading of memorized parts of the sentence and the teacher will listen to the reading and correct the student’s mistakes.

يقرأ المعلم مع الطالب ترجمة وتفسير الآيات إن كان هناك وقت، أو يقوم الطالب بذلك بنفسه بتوجيه من المعلم

The teacher will read with the students the translation and interpretation of the verses if there is time, or the students will do it themselves under the guidance of the teacher.

يستعد الطالب للحفظ فيختار الوقت المناسب لذلك

Students prepare to memorize and choose the right time for the memorization.


على الطالب أن يلتزم بخطة الحفظ، وأن يسير في حفظه وفق الجدول المرفق بالخطة

Students need to adhere to memorization techniques, and their memorization follows the schedule attached with good memorization techniques.

الطالب بالخيار بين أن يبني على حفظه السابق أو أن يبدأ من الصفر، والأفضل أن يبدأ من الصفر ولا يبني على حفظه السابق

Students have the choice of either starting their memorization from the existing memorization or starting from the beginning (the first verse of the Quran). A better way is to start from scratch and not continue from existing memorization.

مقدار الحفظ اليومي ثابت، ولكن قد يزيد أحيانا، وينقص أحيانا

The rate of memorized sentences every day is fixed, but sometimes it can be increased or decreased.

المراجعة مهمة جدا

Murajaah (reviewing the reading) is very important

قراءة ترجمة وتفسير الآيات

Read the translation and interpretation of the verse (to increase understanding of the memorized verse).

حين يبدأ الطالب في الحفظ علي الطالب أن يكرر المقطع المطلوب حفظه 15 مرة، ويزيد على ذلك ولا ينقص

When the student starts memorizing the Quran, the student must repeat the part of the memorized verse 15 times or more and not less than that.

على الطالب أن يستشعر أنه يقرأ كلام الله سبحانه وتعالى، ولذلك فلا ينبغي أن يمل من تكرار القراءة، وعليه أن يتذكر أنه يكرر كلام الله سبحانه وتعالى، وأنه يحصل بكل حرف يتلوه على حسنة والحسنة تتضاعف عند الله تعالى

The student must feel that he is reading Kalam Allah swt. Therefore he should not get tired of repeating his reading and remember that he is repeating the Kalam of Allah swt. Every letter that is read will be rewarded with a good deed and it will be doubled by Allah swt.

بعد أن يتم التكرار المطلوب، ويحفظ الطالب المقطع يعرضه على نفسه (تسميع مع نفسه) ثلاث مرات قبل عرضه على الأستاذ

After completing 15 repetitions of the reading and the student has memorized the memorized part of the verse, he needs to listen to the verse to himself three times before listening to his memorization to his teacher.

يُسَمِّعُ الطالب مع نفسه الصفحة أيضا السابقة مع المقطع الجديد، والأفضل بعد أن يتم تسميع المقطع الجديد أن يعيد التسميع من أول السورة

The student has to listen to himself the previous page along with the new memorized sentence section. Ideally, after listening to the new memorized verse, students should repeat the reading starting from the beginning of the surah.

يقوم الطالب بعرض المقطع الذي حفظه على الأستاذ

Students listen to the memorized sentences to the teacher.

بعد أن ينتهي الطالب من العرض، والتسميع أمام الأستاذ عليه أن يكتب علامة (تم ) أو يضع علامة صح أمام المقطع الذي تم حفظه في جدول الحفظ

After the students have finished listening to the memorized sentences and checking their reading in front of the teacher. Students need to mark (done) or put a check mark on the part of the sentence that has been memorized in the memorization table.

وأخيرًا فإن أهم ما ينبغي للطالب أن يحرص عليه الطالب هو إخلاص العمل والاستعانة بالله سبحانه وتعالى، فكل شيء يمكن تحقيقه بالاستعانة بالله تعالى

Finally , the most important thing that students need to pay attention to is sincerity when memorizing the Qur’an and asking for the help of Allah swt. Everything will be achieved with the help of Allah swt.

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