Matan Al-Jazariyyah

المرودة فيما جبل على قارئ القرآن أن ليعره

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Matan Al-Jazariyyah Online

Indeed, the science of tajwid is one of the noblest of the sharia sciences because of its connection with the book of Allah SWT. For that reason, scholars earnestly write books on the science of tajwid at all times.

Among them is the book (methodology that must be known by Al-Quran readers) by Sheikh Qari and Muhaddis Allamah Ibnu Al-Jazri, may God have mercy on him (833 H).

This book consists of 107 verses in a strong opinion. Although it is small, but it contains tajwid science debates that are meticulous in its pronunciation and beautiful style of language that can attract the attention of students to learn it. It is clear from the name “methodology that must be known by Al-Quran readers, its importance to students who are interested in learning the science of tajwid, especially students who want to obtain an Al-Quran degree in a way that is connected to the Prophet SAW which can strengthen the laws of tajwid and not deviated from the authentic reading.


  • Author’s Speech
  • Chapter Makhraj Letters
  • Chapter Nature of Letters
  • Chapter Tajwid
  • Thick & Thin Chapter
  • Bab Idgham 2 Similar and 2 Similar
  • Chapter Letters ض and ظ
  • Reminder and Resistance Chapter
  • The Chapter of Nun and Mim Letters that are sabdu and Dead Mim Letters
  • Chapter Law Nun Mati and Tanwin
  • Chapter Mad
  • Chapter Knowing Endowments and Beginnings
  • Disconnect and Connect Chapter
  • Chapter Letter Ta
  • Chapter Hamza Wasal
  • Chapter Endowment and At the End of the Verse
  • Closing
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RM 60
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  • Live, Video & Audio Classes
  • Class 4 Times a Month (1 time a Week)
  • Duration: 2 Semesters
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  • Book: المقدمة فيما يجب على قارئ القرآن أن يعلمه


RM 60
Every month
  • Live, Video & Audio Classes
  • Class 4 Times a Month (1 time a Week)
  • Duration: 2 Semesters
  • Time : 1 Hour 30 Minutes/Class
  • Book: المقدمة فيما يجب على قارئ القرآن أن يعلمه
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